Who doesn’t want beautiful looking skin? You guessed it we all do.  Getting your best skin ever is achievable for all and can be fun to do as well.


As we already know, our skin is the largest living organ of the body so we must take special care of it with a daily regimen and feed it the right ingredients for the best results.  I believe the skin responds best when you avoid harsh chemicals or unnecessary preservatives and stick with ingredients the body can recognize and absorb.


Finding the right products for our skin can be more challenging with so many options on the market. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or acne or hyperpigmentation the type of ingredients and their source are very important to correcting your concerns and also improving the skin as a whole. With certain products, the promise of fixing one issue may come with side effects, which can be frustrating. This is where I find Organic Products really work great as they are able to correct and continue to improve your skin without unwanted side effects.

I will share some Ingredients that help correct without side effects and have healing and lasting benefits for each skin type along with how to incorporate into your regimen easily.

Skin Types and ingredients to look for: 

Oily Skin- The key with oily skin is not to dry it out or it will produce more oil.  Some great suggestions are gel -based cleansers & moisturizers without sulfates and contain natural astringent properties. I love eucalyptus and citrus actives as they help deep clean the skin, regulate oil production without drying out the skin.  

Some products to try from Eminence:

Eucalyptus Cleanser,  Pink Grapefruit C Gel

Pink Grapefruit-CGel_4in_HR copy.png



Dehydrated Skin- Dead cells build up daily and when the skin is dehydrated one of the best things to do is exfoliate gently whether with an exfoliating cleanser or weekly exfoliant. For home care choose natural granules such as adzuki powder or micro fine olive seeds for scrubbing or gentle enzyme gommage to remove dead cells gently without abrading the skin or causing irritation.

Some products to try from Eminence:

Monoi Exfoliating Cleanser,  Stone Crop Fizzoliant


Hyperpigmentation- One of the trickiest skin conditions requires commitment and prevention.  Choose only natural lighteners as chemicals tend to cause more inflammation, the stemming cause of more pigment. I like licorice root or Giga White to help reduce inflammation and inhibit future pigment.  Stone -crop is a natural brightener with calming effects that also works great.

Some products to try:

Bright Skin Moisturizer, Bright skin Targeted Treatment

targeted_treatment_bright_0 copy.png


Aging/Fine Lines- All skin is aging so we must always be preventing… I like to incorporate antioxidants and natural age preventing ingredients our skin has naturally.  One is hyaluronic acid – present in our skin as a hydrator that holds up to 1000 weight in water. We can get it from plants to use on our skin topically to replenish what we loose. I like marshamallow plant to help plump up the skin. Also I love to use plant stem cells to help regenerate our existing stem cells.

Some products to try:

Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer,  Firm Skin Booster Serum

firm serum copy.png