Skin Health

Skin Health begins from the inside, with diet and nutrition being vital to how our skin looks and feels along with what we use topically through skin care regimen. Another key factor is lifestyle choices, managing stress levels, balancing hormones and most importantly, prevention.  The skin is our largest and most detoxifying organ that  show what may be happening in our bodies or reflect imblances or toxic build-up. At Kristen Leigh, we help to design an efficient regimen to help improve your skin condition that is customized to meet your skin's needs, lifestyle and budget. Beginning with the purest Organic & Biologial Skin Care ingredients free of petro-chemicals to gain quick results while maintaining the skin's integrtiy. Professional treatments using active amino acids, stem cells, hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants and vital nutrient-rich vitamins with cutting-edge technology such as Micro-Current, Oxygen Infusion Therapy, LED light Phototherapy, DermaPeel Dermabrasion, Ionic Skin Peels and NanoTechnology Facial modalites help achieve desired results you have been looking for.